6 - 六 - Sei - Sechs - Anim

It has been six months, hasn't it?

Wow. I'd be damned not to say this, but yes, time sure flies fast. I know there's another line after that, however, fun and I aren't much of good terms right now.

Six months ago came the date I've been trying to push back on the calendar. Guess who won? As much as I wanted to smash all the clocks in the house, they all continued to hum "tick tock" altogether. (I wish it sounded like that of Kesha's hit, a little dance move wouldn't hurt.) The trip has to be taken, our time was up.

That one way ticket trip was one hell of a nightmare. It's a struggle every night, I tell you. Even days. And I'm still trying to win against the monsters. Unfortunately, they keep coming back.

I've never been troubled with writing. Well, that was back then. Right now is completely different. Waaaay too different.